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PerioSpot – Mouth sore and gum care gel

$15.00 .5 oz. tube

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SLS-Free | Alcohol-Free | All Natural | Gluten-Free | Non-GMO | Vegan 


Safe to use as often as needed.

Soothing Relief and Protection

Where you need it – When you need it

About PerioSpot:

  • ALLEVIATES GUM INFLAMMATION AND IRRITATION – PerioSpot’s sticky gel has potent antimicrobial properties and stays in place, allowing the natural herbs and essential oils to be absorbed efficiently and quickly, relieving inflammation and irritation. 
  • SOOTHES AND RELIEVES CANKER SORES, MOUTH SORES, AND DENTURE SORES – Easy to use. Apply a pea-sized amount to the affected area with your finger or cotton swab and allow the gel to absorb. 
  • DENTIST RECOMMENDED – Transforming oral care with Truly Natural Ingredients. We harness the power of nature’s finest healing properties with our potent blend of herbs and essential oils. Experience the remarkable benefits of this powerful combination, which has been trusted for centuries to stimulate the body’s natural healing processes.
  • SOOTHES ORTHODONTIC IRRITATION – Infused with aloe vera, it soothes and accelerates the healing of chronic sores due to braces and other dental appliances.

Package Includes

1 – .5 oz. tube of PerioSpot Gum Gel


Deionized water, vegetable glycerine, xylitol, xanthan gum, sodium carrageenan, pure essential oil of peppermint, extracts of echinacea angustifolia, echinacea purpurea, and gotu kola, pure essential oils of red thyme, lavender, cinnamon bark and eucalyptus globulus, aloe vera, locust bean gum.


Apply directly to affected gum tissues with a cotton swab or our finger. Use multiple times daily after brushing and rinsing. For best results dry the gum tissue before application. Avoid eating or drinking for 15 minutes after use.


.5 oz. tube

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